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Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Wool fiber is very friendly when in contact with the skin and it has the ability to wick away sweat and control our body temperature. These features make wool felt a very appropriate material in manufacturing of specialized pads for arch and hill correction and support. Friction relief and comfort provider in prostheses and orthotics avoiding sores and blisters.


Orthopedic felts can be manufactured with several wool/viscose blends. Most common blend percentages are 70/30 and 50/50 (wool/rayon). Main colors for orthopedic applications are white (natural or bleached) and flesh.


Usual specifications are:


Thickness range: 1/16” to 1/2"  (1.5mm to 12mm)

Density: 9lbs/sq.yd (0.19g/cm3)

Width: 72” (183cm)


Other colors, densities, widths and thicknesses available upon request. Minimum quantities apply.


Orthopedic Felts

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Technical Sheet Felts

Ph: +(52) 55 2620 7660 y 55 8494 0285

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