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Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Special care in selecting the raw materials used in our process allows us to achieve the perfect blend of fibers to meet specifications and required characteristics in the final product

Our felts are manufactured under SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) international standards and under strict quality controls. We can also develop and customize our products in order to meet our customers own requirements and specifications.



Our production includes a wide range of wool felt materials in thicknesses which go from 0.040” (1mm) to 2” (50mm). Most common densities go from 8lb/sq.yd (0.18g/cm3) to 32lb/sq.yd (0.68g/cm3).

Unlike traditional textile fabrics which are basically flat, felt manages to have a third dimension due to the high thicknesses that can be achieved in manufacturing. Felt edges won’t fray or unravel as it happens with traditional woven fabrics. Wool felt can be as thin and soft to be hand cut and sewn, or as thick and dense that it can be machined on a lathe. These properties make it a very unique and remarkable textile material and the only viable option in many applications.

Wool felt is usually supplied in rolls, sheets or wheels and can be processed or machined in many different ways…. cut, die cut, sewn, ground, lathe and drilled. 


The natural properties of wool felt can be improved by incorporating other fibers or applying secondary treatments or finishes such as water repellent, flame retardant, anti bacteria, mildew treatment, bleaching and dyeing.

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Wool felt has thousands of applications

in all sorts of industries:

Musical Instruments.

The availability of endless thicknesses and densities make it an ideal material to generate, dampen or eliminate sound and vibrations. Some applications are bass drum mallets and piano hammers and dampers.

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Wicking and fluid transfer.

Felt’s structure together with wool high liquid absorbency properties allows an extremely high liquid retention rate which can reach 200% its own weight. This gives wool felt the functionality of a reservoir which releases or transfers the liquid (oil, ink, solvents or chemicals) in a controlled manner. 

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Seals, gaskets, dust shields, oil retainers.

Its resiliency and compressibility help fill in surface irregularities. It prevents lubricant loss from within and entrance of dirt, dust and other abrasive particles from the outside.

Noise, vibration and rattle control.

Its elasticity, resiliency and structure make it an excellent choice for inserting into tight spaces and prevent noise, squeaks and vibrations in all kinds of industries, from automotive to heavy machinery installations

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Furniture and cabinet industry as shock absorbers “bumpers” or chair glides.



Wool felt absorbs noise and reduces sound transmission. Wool felt is the material of choice where high acoustic specifications must be met. Concert halls, recording studios, theaters and music rooms.



The small voids which are part of the felt’s structure allow particle retention while resisting exposure to solvents, oils and acidic media.


Thermal insulation.

Wool is an excellent thermal insulator. Wool felt accentuates this property and achieves excellent high and/or low temperature insulation.



Wool felt is able to retain abrasive particles, pastes and polishing compounds while maintaining its integrity during high speed polishing processes.

Orthopedic applications.

Manufacture of specialized foot insoles/pads for arch and hill correction and support. Friction relief and comfort provider in prostheses and orthotics.

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.


Due to its resiliency and durability, wool felt is utilized in manufacturing high quality saddle pads, which provide excellent comfort to both horse rider and horse.  Felt improves fit, wicks moisture away, avoids slipping, absorbs impact and alleviates pressure and rubbing.

Design, decoration and crafts.

As an architectural and decoration covering it decreases sound levels and helps moderate humidity and temperature variations in interior spaces. The fact that its edges won’t fray or unravel make it a great option for hand crafts as it is not necessary to do any further finishing.

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

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