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Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

Decorative or Designer Felts are manufactured with either 100% wool or wool/viscose blends.


“Designer Felts” are manufactured using 100% fine merino wools which are extremely white and practically free of impurities. They are highly appraised by architects and designers for their warmth, brilliance and decorative characteristics. Due to their great acoustic qualities these felts are a great alternative for wall and ceiling covering in office spaces as they will absorb sound and reduce ambient noise.

Wool/viscose felts mainly black, white and gray color have a great demand from the automotive industry where it is used for lining, gaskets or pads to avoid squeaks and rattle and for insulation around the car. Wool fiber provides natural fire retardancy characteristics which can meet flammability standards for interior materials.

Other popular use for wool/rayon felts is in the craft industry. Manufactured in a variety of colors it is widely used for arts and crafts, decoration, fashion and apparel, custom manufacture and fantasy hats.

Our decorative felts can be custom dye to our customer’s own color specifications. Minimum quantities apply.

Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

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