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These felts are normally manufactured under international standards and specifications such as SAE, DIN or JIS. These standards classify felt according to its mechanical and physical properties such as density, wool content, color and strength. They also dictate strict tolerances for each property. If necessary we can custom manufacture to our customer’s own specifications.


Thicknesses range from 3/64” (1mm) to 1” (25mm) and densities from 8lbs/sq.yd (0.18g/cm3) to 18lbs/sq.yd (0.38g/cm3). Their main presentation is in rolls and typical colors are natural white and gray but can be dyed to any color required. Roll lengths vary depending on thickness and density.


Some of its applications are: Thermal and acoustic insulation, vibration absorption, seals, gaskets, dust shields, filtration, bumpers, lubricators and chemical and enamel applicators.


These felts can be chemically treated in order to improve some of its characteristics or to give them new attributes. Some of the treatments that Fieltros Finos can provide are:


Water repellent.

Flame retardant.





Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.
Wool Felt, Fieltro de Lana.

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